Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Salute to Tyranny

in plain sight: politics is a sport and you
are just a helpless spectator. The politicians
don't work for the taxpayer, they work for
the Federal Reserve banking cartel that
pay their salaries and pensions while you study
political science and debate partisan politics.

Just like millions before you.

Most of us are happy to be blindly obedient
for a government paycheck and pension.
We conform to hide in plain sight. Our morality
is a public commodity traded on the stock market
and shown in our resumes. We don't need morality
because that is defined for us by the "leaders" who
will happily execute any moral objections. We are not
deemed important enough to have the luxury of morality.

The genital is the representative organ.
The genital is the unique and incomparable magic wand which conjures and captures the erotism of the entire body.
The representative organ is an asylum for the soul or seminal substance of the body; a safety deposit bank; a pocket for the peckers of the public; incorporating their peckers; the Pecker, bearing (baring) the Person of them all. Norman O. Brown

A person is never himself but always a mask;
a person never owns his own persona, but always
represents another, by whom he is possessed.