Thursday, January 21, 2010

Is the Devil, God's advocate?

Heathens are spiritually challanged skin-jobs.

Hopped-up Russian truck

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Knights in white satin steer clear of Manhattan.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Marvin the Martian and Halle Berry

Marvin ponders the Golden Globes of...

Halle Berry

and the results are satisfying
(with apologies to Van Gogh).

I don't know what a quadratic equation is;
but give me a slide rule and I can
calculate the depth of a margarita.

Friday, January 15, 2010

The Black Dahlia, cattle abduction and mutilation

There was no evidence at the crime scene. No footprints, no weapons, nothing to provide the police with any clues. Crime scene details were provided to the media and the story of Black Dahlia took off. By now, nobody even knows whether she had this nickname while she was alive or whether it was started by one of the media and everyone else went with it.

You can click on the text above and see the images of Elizabeth Short's body. I don't recommend that though, as you gain a window on human brutality that will stay with you forever. I have included the text and made comparisons to her murder and photos of mutilated cows. I speculate that these incidents are connected in several ways, mostly from description of the discovery sites and visual similarity to the mutilations.

The precise removal of organs and cauterization of the mutilated carcasses has led some investigators to suggest that the perpetrators are using some form of laser. Investigators have reported a strange chemical smell associated with the mutilated cattle and the carcass being covered with a white powder. Equally puzzling is the fact that there are no tracks of predators, vehicles, or footprints leading to or from the carcass. The lack of tracks or blood trails suggests that the cattle were taken to another location and killed. After being mutilated, the cattle were then dropped in the general area from where they had been originally taken.

These stories meander around and lead to nothing,
leaving readers with the feeling that the mysteries
will never be solved. I find several connections between
Jim Morrison and the Elizabeth Short (the Black Dahlia).
It is long since I would dare set foot or tire in LA county,
the most dangerous place on the planet as far as I am concerned.

Jim in what I believe to be an obvious
emulation of the Black Dahlia discovery site.

Cow abduction lamp available for purchase online

Satirical commemorative painting
by the incredible Todd Schorr

The law only applies to those too
powerless to overcome it.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Lizard People

My first lizard love: a horned "toad."

The Transmogrifer confesses to being a lizard person,
having been entranced by them in the Durfee Elementary
school yard of Pico Rivera, California in 1956.

I, shoulda known better with a lizard like
you, that I would love everything that
you do, and I do, and I dooooooo

Lizard men get the best babes

Hollywood lizards are phoneys!

The Lizard King, he changed everything!

The sound of birds singing
is very charming
it's in unison

George Orwell: Man of Vision

George Orwell's 1984 was required reading in high school.
Ever since I read it, I've imagined that he got the
inspiration for his omniscient police state and electronic
surveillance from Egyptian art.

Our political system offers a skeleton
in every closet, rather
than a chicken smoking pot.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Who put the "t" in normality?

I'll bet you're one of those sensitive
cocksuckers I've been hearin' about
Private Powerless! The best part of
me ran down my momma's ass in
child birth, now I'm gonna make you
into a monster, just like myself grabassitic piece of shit!

We wear uniforms: that makes us normal!
We carry our normality into town as
You are a useless piece of shit because I
am one rank above you and I say so. I out rank
you, that makes me your God! The more trivial
the infraction, the worse your punishment.
Helping you die on the battlefield will be
my pleasure and the normal course of
evolution in this fucked-up world we
create for each other! Remember that
word "normal" are going to feel
like it's an honor to die for your
country you stinking recruit. I don't
believe you were fucking stupid enough
to volunteer for all this verbal and physical
abuse, so it's my sworn duty to make
sure you regret every fucking moment of
your miserable life! When we're in
garrison I'll be your best friend, but out
here in public I won't be happy until
your sorry ass is laying in a flag draped
coffin while I'm fucking your wife in the ass!
You can take that to the fucking bank
and cash it! In God we trust asshole!
Do you know what "polemic" means
you ignorant excuse for a human being?
You aren't stupid enough to take any
of this personally are you, well are you?
Well, you shouldn't because you are not
even a person anymore, you are a wastebasket
for my egregious bile!

Humiliations, spankings and beatings, slaps in the face, betrayal, sexual exploitation, derision, neglect, etc. are all forms of mistreatment, because they injure the integrity and dignity of a child, even if their consequences are not visible right away. However, as adults, most abused children will suffer, and let others suffer, from these injuries. This dynamic of violence can deform some victims into hangmen who take revenge even on whole nations and become willing executors to dictators as unutterably appalling as Hitler and other cruel leaders. Beaten children very early on assimilate the violence they endured, which they may glorify and apply later as parents, in believing that they deserved the punishment and were beaten out of love. They don't know that the only reason for the punishments they have (or in retrospect, had) to endure is the fact that their parents themselves endured and learned violence without being able to question it. Later, the adults, once abused children, beat their own children and often feel grateful to their parents who mistreated them when they were small and defenseless.

This is why society's ignorance remains so immovable and parents continue to produce severe pain and destructivity - in all "good will", in every generation. Most people tolerate this blindly because the origins of human violence in childhood have been and are still being ignored worldwide. Almost all small children are smacked during the first three years of life when they begin to walk and to touch objects which may not be touched. This happens at exactly the time when the human brain builds up its structure and should thus learn kindness, truthfulness, and love but never, never cruelty and lies. Fortunately, there are many mistreated children who find "helping witnesses" and can feel loved by them.

Courtesy Department of Defense:
freeing fucked-up people in
far-off lands. No animals were
harmed in the process of
Abu Ghraib interrogations.

Arcane Aircraft

What were they thinking?

Is this what you mean by an "entry-level" position?

I'm not the nice guy people make me out to be.

Am I dancing or acting?

I wanna play you a happy tune:
Jeffry MacDonald
murdered his family, e i e i o.

I'm proud to have a guitar named after me.

Don't let Mel molest me, I'm only
two years old and he's a drunken fool.

Aloha, motherfuckers!

I wonder why they call them "choppers"?

It's a long way to Neverland, Toto!

Don't put Michael Jackson above me.
I'm having a really bad day.

Hold it down Harold.

The IRS's motto: ask not what your
country can do for you.