Saturday, January 9, 2010

Politricks: intimidation and murder for pleasure

All political machines operate in the same way: they are groups of ruthless individuals (far in the minority) who dominate the majority for personal profit/pleasure. This is usually done in the name of "the greater good." The pyramid is a metaphor for the political machine: an architectural distraction and flow chart of stratified and rigid authority. The patterns formed in the mind over thousands of years provide a sort of pyramid of synaptic solidity of thought and behavior that the masters rely upon.

All of this can only be achieved by intimidation and murder that frightens the majority into submission via fear and its ultimate conditions of apathy and ignorance. Much like the way a wolf pack controls and feeds off of herbivore herds. If the the caribou stuck together when the wolves struck, the wolves would soon be out of existence. But the caribou are content to let the wolves consume their young, it is an equitable trade-off for survival of the safest. The wolves will protect their young to create adherence to a system of authority and obedience that allow them to prey upon the herd.

Another great trick to confuse the majority: are you going to serve the devil or god? As if there is no other choice. So the masses are continually struggling to resolve these phoney problems so the masters can keep control. A variation on this theme is: is it better to be loved or feared? I think of these binary propositions as distraction paradigms.

No animals were harmed in the creation of this blog, and I apologize to the noble wolf
community for comparing them to truly vicious human beings.

Say it with lead

Thou (the individual) shalt not kill.
Can be interpreted to mean, only mobs may kill.
Individuals will be prosecuted.
Might makes right.
More than one at fault, no one to blame.
Murder by consensus is justice.

If I don't dominate you, somebody else will!

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