Wednesday, January 6, 2010

American Gothic

Here they are, the symbol of middle America.
Grandpa has a little of the devil in him; shown
with pitchfork and grandma looks to him with
a scorn. So adopting the weaponized mindset,
how am I going to exploit them and their progeny?
I have no moral or sympathetic bias toward them,
just the question: how can I maximize my profits
and enslave them? First a little background on these
rural terrorists (a label I give them to get others
behind my fiendish agenda)... they are relatively
harmless and independent of the government,
(that is rather weak
at the moment) and
are folks who mind their own

business... well I am going to have to change all of
that to exploit them.
First, I present them in stark black and white
and declare them enemies of the government
or rural terrorists, so no one will question
what I do with them. This is the initial
tabloid tactic. I will do this with numerous
"war powers or emergency acts."

That worked so well with the Rosenbergs, that I
couldn't resist repeating it. By the way, I own
and love mainstream media. Just look at them, nothing but
a couple of conniving commie bastards! Oh, by the way, I will use
any label available to manipulate my prey.

Then I will weaponize their sorry carcasses
with the tried and true military model
perfected through thousands of years
of conditioning and blind obedience.

If that doesn't work, I'll urbanized them
and pimp out their daughter after
perpetrating my "war on drugs" program
funded with profit from the drug
trade via the CIA.

Reveal yourselves: you bards of buggery,
you knights of nebulosity!

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