Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Lion of Judah

Haile Selassi whom we called Highly Unlikely

Haile Selassie aka Ras Tafari was emperor of Ethiopia when I was in Ethiopia in 1969-70. I lived in Asmara which was actually part of Eritrea, a province in civil war against the imperial Selassie. Ethiopia is pretty much run by Italians because the Coptic religion mandates 271 days a year as sabbath or some kind of religious holiday so a great deal of procreation goes on but little support for anything else. Ethiopians are still in the stone age (or were when I was there).
Female circumcision is practiced on adolescent girls, excising the clitoris in a brutal and agonizing fashion.

The Ethiopian flag

To the Jamaican dope smoking Rastafarians he is their "holy ghost." Marijuana is a depressant and demotivating drug that creates a similar ambiance to the mother country.

The Kagnew Station gate when I was there and the PX
The comm center where I worked for 13 miserable months

Ethiopian National bird:
Ethiopian National flower:

Ethiopian pet

Cool Van's Ethiopian sneakers

Ethiopian money is referred to as "gone zip"
by the Ethees

Money is not just the root of all evil
it's the root of everything but squares.

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