Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ambient Misery

Who wants to admit that they are miserable...even to themselves? I sure don't, but the evidence is so pervasive and overwhelming that it is difficult to deny, but deny we do. You may be far more miserable than you care to admit. Misery inhabits most of our waking hours, and for many sleep is the only escape from it. One could argue that consciousness is misery, after all we are most happy when unaware of ourselves and lost in the moment. One man said "time is misery."

Human consciousness can perform a little trick: transference, to transmogrify misery into pleasure. Another way of describing that trick is called voodoo, magic, scapegoating, sado/masochism, bigotry, ridicule or anything that gets you off your miserable hook. One looks around for a helpless victim or creates one, transfers the misery (usually unconsciously) into the object of hate in order to produce to cathartic effect, pleasure or orgasm. Of course men are much better at this than women, whose role and hormonal activity demands nurturing and caring. If a man has a strong sex drive, it's just another form of misery like hunger, pain, irritation and so on. Many women have gotten hurt by ignorance of the incessant misery that the a man's sex drive creates. I am going to list the things that make me miserable but be aware that misery is a many layered thing.

1. Lack of sleep
2. Hunger
3. Destitution
4. Sexual frustration
5. Jealousy for those who don't appear to be suffering from anything.
6. Pressure to perform at work.
7. Clock time
8. Fear of death
9. Driver burnout or road rage
10. Technological complications: sitting on hold for hours to get tech support, fucking with taxes, troubleshooting every goddamn thing that seems to appear before me etc. etc.

Most of these symptoms exist together, especially on a "bad" day.

One defense against misery is sublimation, or an insular attitude. Caring is a very expensive state to live in. And for a man "sensitivity" is a form of psychological castration. Nothing more pathetic than the "sensitive" man in my world of military madness. Being sensitive makes you into a useless piece of shit in the legion of masculinity. Sometimes women make the mistake of being attractive to the "silent" type thinking that the guy is sensitive, usually it turns out that he doesn't care, so silence is the cloak he wears. He isn't listening, just waiting for his turn to strike.
Get a few shots of Jack Daniels into his empty stomach and you'll get the picture, the true miserable self will appear in no time.

Misery is part of the miser's life, trading all pleasure for the accumulation of "wealth."

People who have been tortured for long periods will curl up in the fetal position; that means
that they have given up all hope and are ready to die. An erudite torturer will be aware of this and stop the torture, then continue it later when the victim has recovered sufficiently. That way he can maximize his pleasure and his victim's misery. This is the essence of elitist mentality that experience endless pleasure in the misery of others. For him, the world is his torture chamber and the motivation for world domination. An overt form of this is called snobbery. Our class system is built firmly upon these facts.

As you can deduce, the sadist is a very charming and social creature to the casual observer. That is why our "leaders" must appear amiable and responsible or "squeaky clean" rather than Monarch mind slave Squeaky Fromme.

Of course Ford was part of the Monarch mind slave
mess himself, his abused wife started the Betty
Ford clinic.

Squeaky, top row, second from left, with a gaggle of
Monarch mind slaves and MKULTRA changelings.
Operation Paperclip has been a huge success!

The alarm clock gets my vote for
most accurately named device.

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