Friday, January 15, 2010

The Black Dahlia, cattle abduction and mutilation

There was no evidence at the crime scene. No footprints, no weapons, nothing to provide the police with any clues. Crime scene details were provided to the media and the story of Black Dahlia took off. By now, nobody even knows whether she had this nickname while she was alive or whether it was started by one of the media and everyone else went with it.

You can click on the text above and see the images of Elizabeth Short's body. I don't recommend that though, as you gain a window on human brutality that will stay with you forever. I have included the text and made comparisons to her murder and photos of mutilated cows. I speculate that these incidents are connected in several ways, mostly from description of the discovery sites and visual similarity to the mutilations.

The precise removal of organs and cauterization of the mutilated carcasses has led some investigators to suggest that the perpetrators are using some form of laser. Investigators have reported a strange chemical smell associated with the mutilated cattle and the carcass being covered with a white powder. Equally puzzling is the fact that there are no tracks of predators, vehicles, or footprints leading to or from the carcass. The lack of tracks or blood trails suggests that the cattle were taken to another location and killed. After being mutilated, the cattle were then dropped in the general area from where they had been originally taken.

These stories meander around and lead to nothing,
leaving readers with the feeling that the mysteries
will never be solved. I find several connections between
Jim Morrison and the Elizabeth Short (the Black Dahlia).
It is long since I would dare set foot or tire in LA county,
the most dangerous place on the planet as far as I am concerned.

Jim in what I believe to be an obvious
emulation of the Black Dahlia discovery site.

Cow abduction lamp available for purchase online

Satirical commemorative painting
by the incredible Todd Schorr

The law only applies to those too
powerless to overcome it.

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