Saturday, January 9, 2010

Graphic vulgarity and tinnitus

The Life of Van Gogh by Erro

In the top left quadrant of this image you can
see a cutaway diagram of the human inner ear
(you may have to click on the image to
enlarge it enough to see what I mean).
Van Gogh suffered from tinnitus: a maddening
ringing of the inner ear. That is why he desperately
resorted to severing the ear and later committing

Above is a diagram of the cochlea and balancing
canals of the inner ear. Tinnitus occurs with severe
audio trauma, lead poisoning and many other things.
When the audio trauma occurs, it breaks off one
or more of the microscopic fibers in the spiral shaped
labyrinth of the inner ear. When that occurs the
broken stumps send an audio signal to the
brain for the rest of the user's life. The "free"
part of the fiber can bounce around within
the cochlea causing more, intermittent noise.
From the moment of the trauma, the victim
will never experience silence again, a
condition that usually leads to suicide.
And what are the common causes of tinnitus?
Gunfire from military training and
subsequent war, rock concerts and low
frequency damage from ghetto blasting
multi-amp speakers spewing
hip- hop and rap from pimp mobiles (aka
urban assault vehicles) and finally jet aircraft noise.
Study violent crime statistics with relationship to
airports and you'll find the worst places
to live in the blast path of screaming jet
The tinnitus sufferer
may also become an insomniac, encouraging
the user to seek silence or death.

Inner ear hair cells. Colored scanning electron micrograph (SEM) of sensory hair cells from the organ of corti, in the cochlea of the inner ear. These cells are surrounded by a fluid called the endolymph. As sound enters the ear it causes waves to form in the endolymph, which in turn cause these hairs to move. The movement is converted into an electrical signal, which is passed to the brain. The V-shaped arrangement of hairs lies on the top of a single cell. Magnification: x21,000 when printed 10cm wide.


Nobody said it was going to be fair, and they were correct.

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