Saturday, March 6, 2010

Animals, Humans and the Illuminati

In every country all over the world you can hear sad dogs
crying, howling and whimpering in the night.
They are completely dependent on us for everything,
especially responsible companionship.
Most come into this world adored for a few weeks
then are banished to the back yard to die lonely, miserable
death. But who cares? The sound of these suffering
animals doesn't ever register in a large portion of
society's consciousness. They have been forgotten.
Animals suffer just as much as we do, maybe more.
But since they cannot put it into words, they don't
get the kind of consideration humans do. There is
nothing in our Christian religion to request humane
treatment of animals, especially pets. There
is no place in heaven for them.

So put yourself in the dog's place, isolated, cold and
suffering. Begging all night and much of the day for
help that will never come. Neighbors must hear them
but our society won't condone negotiating with
a neighbor for better treatment of a pet. So, in many
cases they are doomed. There is no escape for them and
their cries are generally unheard partly because of the
ubiquitous nature of those lamentable sounds.
In a way, you are like the dog, pet or slaughterable livestock
to the Illuminati and they think (or ignore) of you as you do of the animals.
They create preventable wars for profit and create an economy
that incarcerates most of us, for we cannot survive without
the monetary system that they have absolute control over.
Their families have heard the cries of the less fortunate for
thousands of years but they interpret that as a measure
of their success to control and persecute people for fun
and profit. The Illuminati are clearly and obviously in
our midst, but like the ever present howl of animals
our voices will never be heard. And that is what has been
relegated to Big Foot and UFO sightings. The howling dog
is nothing but a nuisance just like conspiracy students
like myself.

No beast so fierce.

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