Friday, June 25, 2010

Precious Myths Debunked

The ruling elite want you to believe
that law enforcement is your friend.

Here is the ruling elite's enemy/terrorist etc.

Toronto Transformed Into Locked Down Police State 250610cops3
"I love this job, getting paid to hurt people.
It's great knowing the customer is always
wrong...oh and the bennies: high pay,
medical care and great pensions!
Tax them to hostility and hit
'em with a "sound cannon!" I get
to protect the global elite and kiss
up to them in the process, plus
all the confiscated dope in one place:
like a controlled substance swap meet.
Is this a dream job or what!" Confessions
of a Toronto Pig

Oklahoma pigs taser
bedridden 86 year old

Judge Andrew Napolitano explains
how law enforcement has been
transmogrified into pigs by

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