Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Khazarian and Effect

Watch white slaver Jay Rockefeller whine about the threat of
an internet attack: he wants to eliminate it! He calls it a threat
to national security, and since he is the nation, it threatens his
evil presence on the political scene. Watch here. Or cut and paste
this into You Tube:

Khazarian prick Jay Rockefeller and with his latest puppet.

raxzorx Says:

If they want to shut the internet down, then they should just do it. Why do they think they need justification? They OBVIOUSLY think they’re above the law, and that they answer to no one.
1 Problem though:
Shut down the internet, shut down internet commerce. No internet= no internet sales.
What do you think that would do to collected sales taxes??? GONE.
Businesses who make their income solely on the internet… GONE.
What do you think all those suddenly unemployed people will do? RIOT.
Who will get the blame? Who do ya think. Those with the authority to “kill the internet”.
If they try to blame somone else, I’ll make this point clear right now…
NO ONE person, entity, or country has the ability to shut down the ENTIRE internet single handedly… Well, except for GOD himself. So maybe they’ll try to blame GOD.
That should be good for a few laughs.

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