Tuesday, July 1, 2008

First Installment: Troll Terror

Princess Diana has finally talked me into starting a "blog." She seems to think I'm a wellspring of creative material. My goal is to exchange ideas, images and music with other interested parties.

I am always on the prowl for good movie tips, three of my favorites are Red, Blue and Double Life of Veronique by Kieslowski. I have traveled to Greece, Rome, Turkey and Ethiopia in the late sixties. I am interested in problem solving via networking and brainstorming. One of my favorite quotes comes from J. Krishnamurti: we are trapped by the idea of escape.

The image shown above was created in Photoshop and I have a strong passion for image manipulation. I have trouble with my eyes, the tears are inconsistent and no known therapy or surgery can resolve the problem, so I get headaches (shown in the Troll image above) if I try to read font sizes below 20. I am shown in a straight jacket to symbolize my acute awareness of a strong conflict with conditioned existence in a world of incessant influences by mass media.

Transmogrifer's tidbit: People used to build structures to protect themselves from the environment, now we build them to protect the environment from us.

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