Thursday, November 19, 2009

Give and Take

The takers never tire of taking but the givers always will
Then the disillusionment's swallowed like an icky little pill

The taker will grimace and blame the giver's pride
But the truth is an ugly mess far too obvious to hide

So the taker moves on to another needy soul
While surveying prospective places to dig another hole

To put the tawdry manuscript of unrequited love
But the preface is presented from the starry skies above

The givers are never what the taker really wants
The evidence lies in cold incessant taunt

Taker on taker is a condition to deplore
Givers together can sustain so much more

It's this truth eternal disclosing every deal
Grinding unsuspecting givers under heavy iron wheels

The compromise is the taker's secret bane
Reluctant morsels thrown from the swiftly moving train

Some say it's better to have given than receive
And that's an ancient axiom that takers can believe


  1. Hey Pod!
    Nice job with the first post. Want to

  2. love it. going to use the first line as a dot sig file to send to my ex...always taking.
    "Give them an inch and they take a mile," as Grumpy says.