Friday, November 20, 2009

No Fear

The spikes on my head put Godzilla to shame
Shaking your eardrums and father's to blame

Wearing my pants in a long daring droop
Don't have to drop them when taking a poop

Got a skinny new cell phone to call up my dealer
And a big black truck that I call a four-wheeler

Rumbling the condos on the way to a rave
Living just long enough to spit on your grave

When I get married the theme "song" is rap
Snoop Doggy Dog just spewing his crap

If you don't like it, just call up my dad
Got more money than you'll ever have

My sisters are steps on the stairway to heaven
Most of my meals are Seven Eleven

My skateboard will drive you out of your mind
Don't like all the noise? Then kiss my behind

Parental guidance is a system of oppression
Step into my booth, I'll hear your confession

I'm not a rebel in the usual sense
Just a leisure class deadbeat and major expense

got most of the networks just kissing my tush
To hell with the neighbors and president Bush

Who needs a job like those illegal slobs?
My parents avoid me, I think they are snobs

I'm into white power for as long as it lasts
My spray can diplomacy is really a blast

Why don't you just get out of my face?
I've got the jump on the whole human race

I'm prowling the roads and drunk to the gills
'Cause mama and daddy are footing the bills

When the baby arrives they'll take up the slack
For the rest of their lives I'll be on their backs

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