Monday, November 30, 2009

Transmogrifer's Existential Tidbits

If his name were Mickey Rat, he'd be sporting a pin stripped suit and bootlegging cheese.

The skull is a favorite icon of the young. They love to remind the old folks of what lies in store for them.

Ask not for whom the jackhammer tolls: it tolls for thee.

Alimony is sour dough.

Fire works for arsonists.

Interruption usually leads to eruption.

If you write in any other language but English; its just scribbling. I'm a male, linguistic pig.

In a military graveyard the markers appear to be standing in formation. The subliminal message? Death is no excuse for desertion.

My ideas are never half-baked...they never even made it to the oven.

If you suck, you "introject" according to Freud. That's three syllables where one is quite sufficient.

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