Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Admiralty Flag

Every US President since Lincoln has had an Admiralty flag in his
office. It symbolizes the fact that America is under martial law and
that the President has the power of a dictator. The flag can also be
seen in Federal courts and wherever military law is the ultimate
authority. This flag can be seen to the President on his right. This
simple fact negates Constitutional Law and makes you property of the
Federal Reserve via your birth certificate. The Admiralty flag
has a yellow fringe on three sides and is an accepted
warning that the United States is an
occupied country. Occupied by whom you may ask?
The British Crown.

The current controversy over the President's identity
is a way to mislead the American people about
marital law. Whoever Barack Obama is, or what
ever his country of origin is, is irrelevant. The President
heads up a corporation, not a country and as such
is not required to be an American citizen no more
than Bill Gates does to head up Microsoft. This
corporation operates via martial law and is
It is a "government" monopoly out to
destroy the people of the United States.

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