Thursday, May 20, 2010

The View from Lincoln's memorial

Here is what you see from the steps of the Lincoln memorial:
An artificial body of water, signifying Lincoln's obsession
for dictatorship under treasonous Admiralty Law and a
monolith to symbolize the sacred "Union" that he wrote
about. All sitting in banker owned Washington DC, home
of the military enforcement arm of the central bank.
These are literally monumental symbols of the abolition
of the American Constitution and State's Rights under order
of mass murder from Lincoln himself for the "South's"
assertion of state's rights as clearly stated in the Constitution.
Both Stalin and Hitler would later emulate the pattern.

Washington DC has a message to the
American people, and here it is:

Don't worry, we will
eventually get back to you!

Let's roll! Fuck yeah!!

I pray that those stupid
fucking Americans don't
figure out what I am doing
until they are all starving to death!

I'm top dog of the intellectual elite.
The rules don't apply to me, I'm rich.
Why trust your stupid self, when
you can trust a great guy like me?

Be a good little Christian
and turn the other cheek,
God said so.

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