Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Alan Greenspend: Master Hypnotist

Click on image for better clarity,
click here for the amazing video above.
Time's tribute to the 3 vilest crooks to
ever walk the face of the earth. They
grabbed millions of hard working
American's retirements, maybe yours
too when you try to collect.

Thanks George, we've wired a billion
into your off-shore bank account!

Summary: we are paying Congress
and the President to destroy us.

Since the amount of money transferred out
of the country and the debt for endless generations
to come and the fact that this is what is commonly
referred to as "white collar crime" there will be
no punitive measures. In fact the current
administration has stepped up the enslavement
of Americans for the next millenia.
Steal from one man, it's theft, steal from
a billion and it's an abstraction.
A pharaoh
now resides in the Whitehouse.

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