Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Capitalism: a love story

Michael Moore's movie is loaded with ironies.

First off, capitalism was a term invented by the communists and
Nazis (Karl Marx) for the very banking cartels who promulgated socialism as a fair deal for the working class. So, for the greater good
government would be free of a free market economy and the banking cartel would be free from dreaded "competition" with their dummy
organization: government.

I think it is fairly obvious that any system predicated on force will
always benefit those most willing to use intimidation and force. The initial "governments" were religious organizations for the greater spiritual good, of course to be "good" you'd have to remain poor like our old buddy Jesus and the churches were there to keep people that way. Poor being equated with powerless.

Capitalism or socialism are just fancy terms to distract people from the simple fact that each person born drives down the price of labor and plays into the hands of vicious elites who are so adored by the poor. Of course the elite's children remain blissfully outside the work forced aka peasants.

The meek shall inherit hell on earth, while the psychopathic elites
enjoy their own personal heavens in their ivory towers gorging on the fear instilled in their slaves.

The part in the movie about employers issuing insurance policies
in the hopes that young women employees will die without knowing about multi-million dollar policies naming their employers
as benefactors puts a new spin on feminine liberation. Of course
to be fair, these incredibly evil plans are made for men too...although the company doesn't make as much on them.

Another interesting irony, FDR and his second bill of rights had me rolling on the floor. Obviously Moore has not read what FDR did in March of 1933 with his War Powers Act, which is still in effect.

Another great irony: priests sitting in opulent multi-million structures complaining about "the evil of capitalism" while
contributing nothing but hot air in the "free market."

Also, no one can own their own home aka house and property even if you pay it off. Miss one tax payment and it will be taken, because you are always an occupant, not an owner.

Michigan is the fate of the rest of the country per design. Americans
have served their master's plan, and are now being blended into the "third world."

PS Goldman Sachs provided funding through the Weinstein Company and Viacom to Mr. Moore to produce Capitalism: A Love Story...very interesting!

Friday’s announcement the SEC charged investment giant Goldman Sachs with betting against their own investors has cause the world to descend on the Wall Street bankers in a fury. While the world should be cheering in joy that finally something is being done, it is interesting to note how “surprised” world leaders like England’s Gordon Brown and Germany’s Angela Merkel are this morning.

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