Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Fallen Hero: Paladin and the world's most famous business card

"Look over there, a Transmogrifer in the air!"
Sheriff, "...better lay off the weed, it ain't gonna help with your horseaphobia hot shot!"

Tina sez "We advertise guns on TV more than anything else.
Then our politicians turn around and tell us that we can't
have one. That's what I call cognitive dissonance!"

If you are up for a real hoot, click on Super
, scroll just past Ann Margaret's
blurb and enjoy the trailer for Super Chick!

In the 20th century they
were called "far-left terrorists."

Goddam it! There's another Transmogrifer!

(Fallbrook female pictured above)
"Yeah, shoot the fucker before he
dreams up another conspiracy theory!"

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