Sunday, December 20, 2009

Are you miserable?

I've got news for Hemingway: the sun does not rise or set!

I want pictures of the brothers! Do the Right Thing
I was doing fine until the Fallbrook females showed up and forced me to Google analytics, one's name is Data Dominatricks and the other is Allison Wonderland. Now the quality of my life is very chaotic! They even go as far as telling me how to spell my own shit. Also throwing in lots of useless advice, and trying to make me a superstar in cyberspace. Now the Data dominatirix is blabbering on about her name and some Japanese people. Now they want me to edit out the last comment. I think that this is sadistic micro-management. Now her stupid dog is barking at me for what, I don't know. The dog is a useless damn thing. This is a horrible intrusion for the Transmogrifer, who is destined to become the king of cyberspace. Now they are calling me a martyr, and generally ridiculing me for trying to be a recluse. I've had enough of their abuse!
Data Dominatrix is also known as Demi Kutcher and has a blog: wildflight.blogspot, tell her that the Transmogrifer sent you!

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