Saturday, December 26, 2009

How am I kept powerless? The law of the water.

n the beginning one resides in the womb where everything is provided by your mother's body. In this state there are no painful existential decisions and no conscious desires (that are known much about anyway).

Then you are propelled into the external world where you draw your first breath, and your needs are immediate and tools for obtaining them are few. Once you draw your first breath, you will need to draw countless more, now you are an extreme dependent and you will have to cry (plea) to your mother and father (later to be known as the government) to get what you need. Now you are in a condition of one-way negotiation, ignorant of any needs of your parents (the government).

Now the next step, which many never make, is to become aware of the power dynamics and the negotiating process as an interesting adventure. A good negotiator never allows himself to imagine that there is something he has to have, and tries assiduously to anticipate his fellow negotiator's weaknesses, strengths and value system. This never occurs to many in their short life times but I had the advantage of meeting Roger Dawson in audio cassette form and he showed me the error of my wicked ways.

Roger Dawson and his valuable life lessons program below

Roger has had a profoundly positive effect on my life, thanks Roger!

Next, I'd like to explain the court system as the Transmogrifer perceives it:

Lawyers and judges and the whole "legal" system is a class system for the elite of which you are not. So why would anyone listen to what-the-hell some little old lady in a black robe might say? Reason one: the bailiff.

The bailiff is the cop who swears you in. Usually he sits in the corner of the court room to the left of the judge. He is armed with the latest human killing technology, nowadays a 15 round 9mm automatic pistol to take infidels to their next pit stop. The court room is a place of the most intense mind games known to "civilized" apes the world has ever known. It's very existential, and unless you have unlimited capital for legal defense or pursuit, you are fucked from the start in the most imaginative ways. So, of course they start you out with the biggest lie and imponderable they can dig up: GOD. The bailiff is a lesser god, like the judge. You are kept in a state of total helplessness, kind of like a fucked-up fetus, so they can glean cash from you and drive around in the latest pussy cars: BMW and Mercedes preferred at the moment of this writing. We are not talking about other great imponderables like justice or compensation at this point in our journey. Take the witness stand, feel the verbal cage and pay the price of "justice."

The courtroom is designed to emulate the environment of a ship at sea, because in a sense that's what it is. The judge is a lesser dictator emanating from the top of the pyramid and the yellow fringe around the flag is telling you something that "they" do no want you to know and that is: when you walk into that room you are under a dictator"ship" called Admiralty Law ...kinda like when you were a helpless fetus in your mother's water so the system can mess with your mind in a Freudian way too! Admiralty Law means that in spite of the quadrillion legal books collecting dust in "legal" libraries; the law is whatever the judge says it is in that moment. The books are just there to make the process so complicated that the average person is totally helpless and ready for fleecing. You have no rights under Admiralty Law, just as if you were on a ship...a dictatorship or slave ship. Whenever you encounter a word with "ship" tacked onto it, LOOKOUT! Don't look for justice on a slave ship.

Now for the Perry Mason and liberal legal propaganda, and that is that the legal system is looking out for your Constitutional "Rights." And George Bush said it best "... the Constitution's nothing but a piece of God-damned paper." Thanks George for the truth-in-lying business that you represent so well. Judges and lawyers are the tools of the banking monopoly but loathe to admit it, well why should they? They get to screw people and get paid for it. In Perry Mason's and the liberal legal perception the judge is someone who can be reasoned with. That's a product I don't recommend buying.

Perry Free Mason, a legend in his own mind,
pretending to be an erudite legal eagle.

Here's another worthwhile tip, when you see the color blue on an official document or icon it usually is a symbol of Admiralty Law that FDR put us under on March 9, 1933; a day that will live in infamy.

Other uses of Admiralty Blue:

The stars, representing the states, are surrounded by
Admiralty Law, meaning that the country is under a
dictatorship, like the Captain of a slave ship.

My uncle had his original SSI card that showed the word "Insurance" on it. You know, like the national health "insurance" that Congress is pushing right now. Someone with more money than I have got a lawyer and challenged the "insurance" part. Down came the judge's Admiralty gavel, "Of course it's not insurance, it's just another tax!" Now all you can see is the "i" at the end of SSI, nobody notices or gives a shit.

Except the Transmogrifer

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