Sunday, December 6, 2009

Politrix: the Greater Good

The Mountain People is a true story about a tribe of African people placed in an invisible concentration camp (reservation) where it never rains. The result is a community of back stabbing, purely self-serving people. The story shows how generosity and the better attributes of humanity dissolve in the face of hopelessness.

Of course the Ik, the tribe reference here, were forced to live in their assigned, inhospitable environment for the greater good of the elites who use environmental and mercenary issues to condemn the Ik to a slow death. That's what a political system is isn't it? A well organized and ruthless minority against a peaceful and disorganized majority.

I have come to interpret the phrase "for the greater good" to mean that the greater are good at undermining those around them to create a condition where they are all powerful by virtue of disabling their fellow man and then presenting the idea that they are charitable.

I use certain terms to describe that political orientation: the New World Order, fascism, profiteering, the banking cartel, Illuminazis and government as an enemy of the people.

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