Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Will the revolution be televised?

My wife worked for a large company with an all woman environment (the men were relegated to their own offices and management "positions").

The word eventually got out, that we did not watch television. One horrified woman asked her " What do you do at night?". No matter what my wife said, she became something of a social pariah over the following years as a result of this breach of conformity.

Now, skip a few decades into the future, inside a grocery store that we frequent. I had my selections set on the rubber conveyor belt when the clerk noticed something odd: I was attempting to buy "artisan bread" which is basically unsliced bread with some nutritional value. The clerk asked in a horrified tone "What do you do with this?" as he held the artisan bread in his hand. For a moment I thought he wasn't going to let me purchase the alien loaf. To be quite honest, the question caught me off guard and a long moment of awkward silence occurred.

I got to thinking...the poor clerk may not have ever seen a TV commercial that would explain what to do with artisan bread and that may have left him in a helpless state of anxiety over this strange product. I must admit, that during my long years (18) as a vidiot, artisan bread never appeared in any episode of Have Gun Will Travel or Leave it to Beaver. I am getting a more palpable definition of the phrase: lobotomy box.

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