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What is military "service?"

Military service is limited-term slavery (aka a contract). All military "work" for the banking elite who use them as profit making killers. The US military used to be called the Department of War, but that proved too obvious for the cause of arbitrary murder of men, women and children in countries that need to be "liberated" from the "bad guys" who used to be exclusively "communistic." A term no one can seem to define very well. Now that America borders on a Soviet style police state, a new enemy had to be created (a cleverly vague term) "terrorists." And be aware that the American people have been branded enemies of the government or royalty from the beginning to this very day.

The main feature of any military is blind obedience to a dictator. A common T-shirt illustrates this attitude :
I travel to exotic countries, meet interesting people and kill them. Militaries do not work for the "countries" who supply them with terminally horney young men, they work for a dollar. But they hate to admit that, and hate to be called "mercenaries." They prefer to call themselves "men of honor" and heroes. But where is the "heroism" in blind obedience? Besides, mercenaries make far more than patriotic banker muscle.

At this point, someone will scream: well Transmogrifer, why don't you move your sorry ass to another country, you traitorous excrement!

Well, we've had an international banking cartel for hundreds of years and they have a very "noble" cause: a new world order which basically means a monetary monopoly. So the military murder in cold-blood (unlike the two recidivists in Truman Copote's book In Cold Blood) for a pension, some scratch, three hots, a cot and a cute little uniform is patriotic if, just once it were done in defense of our great country. In summary, the global system is rigged and no escape is possible. Just talk to the
copper miners in Chile.

So how do I know? Well, I am one of LBJ's mass murders of the draftee variety. The draft caused so much social upheaval that the banking cartel started offering more lucrative contracts to their contract killers. Now we have a thing called the "poverty draft" which basically means that the economy needs to be drawn down so that their are few jobs for relatively innocent boys.
Now the military offers something that the civilian world doesn't: they will make you into a "man" (better than Dr. Frankenfurter of
The Rocky Horror Picture Show) and with appropriate mass-media conditioning that idea seems to make sense. A clear rite of passage into the wonderful world of sadistic masculinity.

If you're motivated to join any military remember this: you will be a GI (government issue). Another politically incorrect term. Now we are heroes with PTSD and a whole lot of unanswered questions. The greatest tool in the recruiters bag is a terrible economy, so the bankers engineer poverty and then a false flag event to put unemployable boys into uniform and subsequent war. You just can't imagine how profitable this is for the elites! Below is an image from post WW One Washington DC, before the Vietnam "conflict" got better deals for the military. What you see here are Veterans, poverty stricken and desperate.

So Patton and Eisenhower were ordered to route them out of our "capitol." A few were killed along the way, appropriate reward for "serving" one's bankers, oh I mean, country. So where were their constitutional rights? Washington DC is a district, and not part of the United States, so the corporation can skirt "constitutional law."

If you hate me, and this installment of the blog, feel free to tell me so. I hate myself for what I've done anyway.

The Betrayal of American Veterans

Americans who volunteer for military service effectively write a blank check, payable to the United States of America for an amount "up to and including my life." The United States, in turn, promises to spend these checks responsibly. That bargain implicitly includes a promise by the United States to protect them and to seek retribution against anyone who harms them. In the case of USS Liberty, the United States has failed to keep its end of the bargain.

"Get your stinking hands off me Jack, or I'll fuck you up! I want a big goddam war somewhere to make my rich banker backers even richer! I might even sail the USS Liberty into Israeli waters and have my banker buddies sink and kill everyone on board, then blame it on those fucking Palestinians...Bob, Bob...McNamara, where the fuck are you?"

I'm sure that if you've read this far, and you are an impressionable young, unemployed person; you are ready to sign your life away and get gung ho in a basic training program. Here are some things you will need to know, if you make that decision.

There are two militaries: officers and enlisted.

Officers don't work per se, they delegate. To do actual work is to demean or disgrace one's self. Officers have absolute power over their enlisted men, to disobey an officer can be execution worthy. If you are an officer, you are a superior officer, and it is easier to imagine oneself as an elitist in the upper class. They are called "commissioned officers" because not long ago enlisted men were nothing but "noncomissioned" or unpaid slaves. An officer is a superior being, so if you are going to enter as an enlisted man, be prepared to have your face rubbed in that shit 24/7. Another perk for the officers, especially a field-grade officer (major and above) is that they get their pick of the babes. Most of the WestPAC widows and Sea Hags will score an officer if possible. The problem with being an officer is that you have to believe in something entirely absurd: codified slavery of the molecular kind. Resistance to authority is a career killer. And just about anything can be seen as resistance to authority. Kiss up or get out. Now for the other side:
If you like to get drunk, say "fuck" all the time and have cool tattoos, the enlisted route is the way to go. You are going to say "fuck this and fuck that..." because you are just a piece of shit floating down the gutter of oblivion to your ranking masters. I mean you actually may have to bayonet someone! But no one will require that you appear to believe in anything, which is an extreme burden considering what you are going to have to do 24/7. One other small detail, military don't get paid overtime, so the tendency to work long monotonous hours makes officers look great. The concept of "liberty" is anathema to the guys with shiney shit on their lapels. To get a real grasp of the situation you'll be in, watch a great movie entitled: From Here to Eternity. Or read Stanley Milgram's Obedience to Authority then you will be ready to die honorably.

The enlisted man's image with tattoos...the best part
especially if your lying on the battlefield in pieces. The tattoos
make your remains easily identifiable. Officers generally don't
wear them because they will be perceived as enlisted scum and
downwardly mobile. PS this image is not gay, the tattoo proves

Enlisted men get to play with cool toys

Drill sergeants get revenge on whitey with verbal abuse and intimidation,
especially intimidation. Shut the fuck up trainee!

and finally:
The consummate officer: Erwin Rommel
whose words: "In the absence of orders,
find something and kill it" live on while he
is forced to commit suicide in a final act of
obedience to Der Fuhrer.

Kudos Rommel for your blind obedience! In
the foreground on the left you'll Hermann Goeoring: a
heroin addicted pig on the medal a week program. Talk about
honor, nobody ever had the market so cornered on valor as he.
In the end he popped a cyanide capsule, rather than face the
Nuremberg trials...valor, courage and a psychotic steak for torture
and murder on a world class level. Herr Goering a putrid package of
pure military culture.

Goering: the ultimate glorious officer

Goering in early retirement, missing out on a great civil service job
for USA Inc. Tragedy happens.

Now to understand how great these military monsters were, you need
to understand that USA Inc. brought thousands over here to run "America."
So they could be consultants, and ultimately control the political underground
of elitist activities. You can't keep a good Nazi down!

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