Saturday, December 26, 2009

God will take care of it, he's a spirtitual policman

Every culture has a spiritual instruction package, aka the Bible, the Kuran etc.
The purpose of these manuals is to give the dictator, king... whatever the top bully is called on that day; an escape clause. If everyone else in the kingdom has to be blindly obedient to the king, the king feels free to do whatever he wants. The king can allude to an extremely nebulous "higher authority" of his choosing. The king can now claim to be a servant to "god" and that he is obedient too. This a great trick to fool the masses into back breaking compliance and a downwardly mobile existence so the king and his enforcers can do whatever they want...without question. To question is heresy.

Now here comes a big question: who is King James? Most will say he wrote the Bible upon God's command. Haven't you ever asked yourself: if King James is so important why doesn't he have a game show on TV or a biography or a movie about him. Well?

Here what my research has revealed to me:

1. King James had a monetary struggle with Parliament and didn't want those bastards to question how much money he spent or why. So he commissioned the "Bible" to make him the divine persona on earth, a position that didn't require justification or limitation on anything the King dreamt up for his subjects (which constitutes the known universe and everything in it, this is now known as Equity or Admiralty Law). Previous bullies had used the Geneva Bible to confuse the shit out of everyone and take control. Think of it as the Patriot Act entombed in a dusty museum at Pico and Sepulveda.

2. The king required blind obedience from his cowering subjects which came to be known as "faith" and the entire quagmire of the Bible is a reinforcement of a dazzling, confusing mess to be sorted out by the subjects. Of course the whole idea didn't really make any sense in the first place so confusion has prevailed in its wake. If you understand the Bible well, you know that God's basic mode of operation is mass murder.

3. King James had the personal propensities of any bully: feeding on fear and torture of whomever caught his roving eye. But his main appetite was boys, a practice considered noble at the time. Child molesting is considered a "royal" activity, sacred and secret. Something called the "sport of kings." Even now the "public" is outraged with freelance child molesters while gleefully accepting in its presence with the power brokers with million child torture programs like MKULTRA. That's where the concept "divine" comes in. The individual, non-spiritual manual approved activities are called "profane." If this gets rather confusing, realize that that was the goal from the start. If you can't baffle 'em with bullshit, dazzle them with brilliance. Just take a long look at the trappings of any religion: dazzling! The high priests don't shop at Wallmart.

Later on we created another creative quagmire: the myth of representative "government" a concept to appease an ever growing population who imagined that they should have "rights."

So new "Bibles" were perpetrated upon the unwashed, dumber-than-dog-shit masses such as the IRS, inland revenue and billions of indecipherable laws to keeps us scratching our heads and wondering: how the fuck did we get into this mess?

Well, I've probably garnered my share of hate mail for a post-Christmas day, but don't believe me, research it for yourself.

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