Thursday, December 17, 2009

Girls with guns, symbols of empowerment and cosmic consciousness

The unification of the human race: a mental fight, a struggle in and about men's minds. The rents, the tears, splits and divisions are mindmade: they are not based on the truth but on what the Buddhists call illusion, what Freud calls unconscious fantasies. The prevailing sense of reality, the prevailing forms of knowledge, are ruled by the instinct of aggression and division, are under the dominion of the death instinct. We are in Satan's kingdom; to build a Heaven in Hell's or to construct an erotic sense of reality. To make in ourselves a new consciousness, an erotic sense of reality, is to become conscious of symbolism. Symbolism is mind making connections rather than distinctions. Symbolism makes conscious interconnections and unions that were unconscious and repressed. Freud says , symbolism is on the track of a former identity, a lost unity: the lost continent: Atlantis, underneath the sea of life in which we live enisled; or perhaps even our unioun with the sea (Thalassa); oceanic consciousness; the unity of the whole cosmos as one living creature, as Plato said in the Timaeus. Norman O. Brown from Love's Body

"Let's swim to the moon, let's swim through the tide, penetrate the evening that the city sleeps to hide" Moonlight Drive, The Doors from Strange Days
"Surrender to the waiting worlds
that lap against our side"
Moonlight Drive, The Doors from Strange Days

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