Monday, December 7, 2009

Who is Veronica Zemanova?

To the mind of the modern girl, legs, like busts, are power points, which she has been taught to tailor as parts of a success kit rather than erotically or sensuously. She swings her legs form the hip... she knows that a "long-legged girl can go places." As such, her legs are not intimately associated with her taste or with her unique self but are merely display objects like the grille on a car. They are date-bated power levers for the management of the male audience.

Marshall McLuhan from the Mechanical Bride

Veronica Zemanova is described as a "pornstar" but all she's ever done is nude modeling. I suspect that the title "pornstar" is used to keep degenerates like myself ever searching for that
"porn performance" in the Seka mold.

Which leads me to Don Draper, the protagonist of Mad Men, whom I identify as the cinematic personification of Marshall McLuhan. Don would approve of Seka, as most foolish men would. "Fools are things that pretty girls make in their spare time." Someone said.


Christina Hendricks of Mad Men
...take it easy boys!

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